First event of the season

In early December, almost a month ago now, I took part in the first Taupo Ironman 70.3. Having done very little swimming over winter I was feeling nervous about both the water temperature and my ability to make what I thought was a one hour cut off. On the day my time was 58 minutes; 8 minutes slower than my swim over this distance s year ago. What was worse was the cramp I experienced from the half way mark. I managed to shake off the first three, but coming around the last buoy my whol leg cramped. I managed to hobble into shore and then slowly run to transition. 

I didn’t give the cramp another thought until I came out of transition after the ride. My ride went well and I did a PB of 3:08 for the 90km.

As soon as I began running I became aware of both calf muscles being very tight. They remained that way for the whole run, getting more painful as the run progressed. Walking was more painful than running, so I had little choice but to keep running. My time of 2: 32 was not bad, considering that my best Half Marathon run time is 2:16. It could however, have been a lot more pleasant and a few minutes faster without the rock-like calves. 

Despite it feeling like a really hard day, I did manage a small PB. 

Post race there were the usual celebrations and commiserations with fellow athletes. After a year of doing triathlon I have made some awesome friends. 


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