Moving on to the next training phase

At the time of my last post, I’d had an easy training week. Since then I’ve moved into a new phase of training. These past two weeks have been relatively light Monday to Friday, but Saturday and Sunday have been pretty intense. Both weekends I have had a ‘double run’ day. Last week it was Sunday, after having ridden 65km of hills on Saturday (including my first experience of Waikete Hill) with a run off the bike. I felt good at the end of the ride, so really pushed my 30 minute run and did a 5km PB.  The buzz of the PB continued through to Sunday; my double run day. The first run was 70 minutes at 1/4 pace. I finished that run (legs feeling good) with a 10km PB. The afternoon run was a whole different story, but I know that running on tired legs is part of the plan, so saw it through.

This weekend has been similar to the last, but the double run day was yesterday and the double Wind trainer day is today. During yesterday’s morning run, on fresh legs compared to last weekend, I managed another 10k PB and am now within reach of a goal wondered if I could ever reach; 10 km in 1 hour. The afternoon run was hard, but not as difficult as last week.

Today saw a 4 a.m., start to watch the All Black vs Springboks World Cup semifinal. By the time I got up, fed and watered after my post match nap, I didn’t get on the wind trainer until 10.30 a.m. The 2 hour 50 min steady state session was hard and having a four hour minimum rest between my two wind trainer sessions, is going to make it a long day.

Exciting news on the bike front; my TT bike is ordered and should be here within a couple of weeks.

I’ve listened to some excellent podcasts this week. I can totally recommend the Fitter Radio podcast # 81. There is an interview with Dr Stacy Sims from Osmo Nutriton. Her interview is well worth a listen as she explains the reasons for having a nutrition range, especially designed for women.   The same podcast also has a ‘Workout of the Week’ which focuses on cycling strength and endurance training. The two wind trainer sessions outlined can be used to build strength and endurance for riding hill as well as for steady state cycling. The athlete interviews are with Susie Cheetham and Dan Plews.

The other podcast is the IM Talk podcast #485 where several Kona 2015 athletes are interviewed, including an ‘older’ women who qualified for Kona as one of the’ Kona Legends’.  Before listening to the podcast, I had no idea that this group of athletes existed.

Hopefully, by the time I write my next blog post, I will have my new baby.  Also I will give a report back on the training camp in Taupo, which I will be attending next weekend.

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