Rest and Recovery Really Work

I’ve had a rare ‘easy’ week and the rest has paid off. This must be the first weeks in a couple of months that I haven’t had a heavy cycling programme. Instead I swam twice, did two runs of an hour or less and three Gravity sessions. I felt sluggish on my runs, especially the first one, after having spent a weekend in Auckland with some later-than-usual nights. My current bed time is 8 – 8.3o p.m., so the 11.30 bedtime did not do me any favours. However, it was worth it to have the chance to attend my daughter’s engagement party, which was actually a post-wedding party.

The short Fartlek run on Thursday must have paid off. Today I took part in my first Ekiden Relay, where a team of three to six run the 42 km around Lake Rotorua. This is the iconic Rotorua Marathon course. For those who don’t know what an Ekiden Relay is, read here. The Rotorua Ekiden is New Zealand’s only Ekiden event and this was its 13th year.  My leg was the fourth in the Rotorua Lakes High School ‘Hogwarts’ team. Usually, at this stage of the Rotorua Marathon (23 km), the Mourea Hill is a bit of a slog. On fresh legs today, it was a breeze. My ‘easy’ week paid off and having only previously run a couple of sub six minute kms, I managed to go sub 6minutes for six  of the 8.2 km.  This gave me personal records on a number of distances from 5 km to 2 miles. Suffice to say, I’m thrilled.  But.. I have missed my bike. I haven’t ridden for over a week.

The bike is a whole other story.  I’ve been contemplating getting a TT Bike, on and off, for the past few weeks. It’s a big investment. To me, it’s only worth purchasing a TT bike if you intend doing several distance events. I’m enjoying the training so much that I feel as though I will continue with half and full Ironman events until my body can’t manage them any more. After researching, talking to friends and getting advice from my coach and David Bowden from Speedtheory, I have ‘almost’ made a decision to buy an Cervelo P3. We’re running out of room in our garage and I’m beginning to think that our spare room may become a’bike bedroom’ before too long.  I’m hoping to have the TT bike by mid to late November, so that I can learn to ride it in time for Taupo 70.3 in December. Meanwhile, I will need to continue riding my faithful Giant road bike in preparation for the Taupo Cycle Challenge and to build strength for the 70.3 and Ironman 2016.

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