Holidays are a time for ….

School holidays began on Friday. Along with celebrating a friend and colleague’s  birthday, I started my holidays with a two hour Windtrainer session. There was a time not so long ago, when ANY Friday afternoon training was daunting. Now it has become a part of my normal routine. In the past, coffee at Capers Epicurian was my Friday afternoon reward. How things have changed. 

This week I downloaded an e-book; one which I had intended buying in hard copy. Joe Friel’s ‘Fast After Fifty’ has been the subject of podcasts on both Fitter Radio and IM Talk. Friel identifies the three main changes which take place with aging athletes: a fall in VO2 Max, increase in body fat and decrease in muscles mass. Friel’s answer to the drop in VO2 max is high intensity interval training.  Part of my programme, designed by Coach Louise, is focused around getting my heart rate up.  Slowly but surely it is creeping up. Each power session I am able to lift that max, just a little. Knowing that my programme is backed by the science, makes completing those difficult sessions a little easier. 

It has been another big cycling weekend. I discovered, when I began my wind trainer session on Friday afternoon,  that my Garmin 910 XT is suddenly recording km/ hr and total mileage. This did not happen during a stationary session in the past.  As a result,  I can see that since Friday night I have cycled over 200 km. Knowing this is quite satisfying and explains my ‘heavy feeling’ this evening. I topped my weekend training off with a one hour run. It wasn’t easy, but I could comfortably run at my marathon pace. 

Rest day tomorrow! I plan to spend the day on school work and give my body a chance to recover. Since I’m going to be away next weekend, I have more intense training this week. Being on holiday is going to make training so much easier. 

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