Revisiting Broadlands Road

This Saturday, my scheduled long ride was a flat ride (3 /12 hours),  to be done in a big gear. Finding a ‘flat’ place to ride, near Rotorua, is impossible unless you plan on doing multiple repeats of the same circuit. I decided that the best solution was to drive down to Reporoa and ride up and down Broadlands Road.

My number one supporter, husband Andy, drove me down and waited by the shop for the duration, filling in his time reading. The plan was to ride at between 25 and 27 kph, in a big gear. Going out towards Taupo the first time, I was flying, but of course I encountered the inevitable head wind (reminiscent of Ironman day) on the way back. I ended up riding for around 3 hours 40 mins and complete 93km. I felt satisfied that I was able to average 25.5 kph without aero bars, which was close to my Ironman pace. I concluded that I like riding Broadlands Road, except for the road surface which can be pretty rough in places. My sitting bones got mighty sore, as I wasn’t able to move between upright and aeros. since my aerobars have been removed from my bike until after the Taupo Cycle Challenge.

This has got me thinking about the pros and cons of getting a TT bike for Ironman, while still using my current road bike for our hilly terrain around Rotorua. I’ve already quizzed my Ironbuddy, Shirley, and will need to talk with Coach Louise. It’s a big expense. In order to make it worthwhile, I need to be sure that I will continue with the long distance events for a few years.

On the nutrition front, I’m still using the Nuun electrolyte tablets, Chia seeds in water, nuts and the odd Emms Power Bar for long rides. So far, this combination is working.

This has been a big cycling weekend. I’ve spent 8 hours on the bike (road or wind trainer) since I finished work on Friday, and followed that up with a 1 hour run this evening. I’m ready for the day off tomorrow, but my body seems to be coping well. Even so, roll on school holidays when I can have a break from the ‘go to work, eat, sleep and train’ routine.

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