Keeping my head above water

The balancing act has been successful so far. Training has ramped up to the point that I’ve done ten sessions this week and around thirteen hours. On Friday I did my first 3 km swim since Ironman, along with four cycle sessions, two Gravity classes and three runs.  Up until yesterday my recovery felt fantastic with no fatigue, even after a three hour hills ride yesterday morning and a one hour run at half marathon pace in the afternoon.

This morning, instead of the planned 2 1/2 hour steady state wind trainer session, I drove across to Papamoa to do a session on the WATT bike. Coach Louise wanted me to do 45 minutes at a cadence of 80 – 85, power of 160, while trying to get my heart rate up to 145. At 20 minutes I was struggling; cadence and power were right, but I couldn’t get my HR about 136. I hung out until 30 minutes and that was me for the power session. It seems that the week’s fatigue finally caught up with me.  It’s rarely that I miss a planned session, but I skipped the ‘recovery’ swim this afternoon, in favour of a Father’s Day film at the Basement Theatre.

The plan from here is to go over to Papamoa once a month for a WATT Bike session to see if I can get my HR up. Meanwhile Coach Louise is happy with my progress and I’ll be interested to see the comparison of the statistics for my session today and the WATT bike session I did back in January.  It’s rest day tomorrow and I’m ready for it.

On the nutrition front, I’ve modified my bike fuel to fit the LCHF regime. On Saturday I only took a bottle of Nuun and a bottle of water mixed with 1/3 cup of chia seeds, a few squeezes of lemon juice and a pinch of the pink Himalayan Rock Salt. This was on the recommendation of Mikki Williden. I wasn’t hungry or fatigued after three hours of hills, so will continue using it. I had some nuts as back up, but didn’t need them. 

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