A Balancing Act

This month, it’s more of a  balancing act  than usual. It’s the time of the school year where the paperwork/computer work, and  day-to-day demands at school increase considerably.  Exam marking needs to be done when I’m NOT tired. With my bed time currently being 8 .30 p.m., there’s not any time to mark student work at night.  If I’ve had to train, there’s just time to fit in cooking and eating dinner and prepping for the next day. If there’s training in the morning there’s also no time to get school work done. Currently I am managing a 5 a.m., wake up. Either I train (Gravity or run), or I get to work by 7 a.m., so that I can get my head in the right space and prepped for the day.

I asked coach Louise to give me a light training week last week to give me more time, but I’m back into full training now. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage this. If I can make it through the next four weeks to the holidays, I’ll be set for training on right through to Ironman NZ in March.

Today’s ride was my toughest since Ironman. I planned a hilly ride and was pleased to come out of it with almost 1000 meters of climbing in 3 1/ 2 hours. My Strava data shows that I did around 18 PRs for segments, so it’s obvious that the Gravity is paying off.

2 thoughts on “A Balancing Act

  1. Thanks Kate. I only get stressed when I can’t fit my training in. There are 14 hours to fit in this week, but most of it is between next Friday and Sunday, I can’t complain. I love it!


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