First triathlon completed

Yesterday I took part in my first triathlon event; Tri Maori at Lake Karapiro.  It was a Olympic distance traithlon (1.5 km swim, 40 km cycle, 10 km run). I was feeling more than a little anxious earlier in the week after the problems I’d had with my wetsuit. To cut a long story short, I had been sold a wetsuit which didn’t fit. That was the reason for my difficulty breathing while swimming in the wetsuit and the chafing on the back of my neck. An email to head office and a trip to Hamilton on Thursday resulted in a fitting wetsuit which allowed me to swim 1500 m in the pool on Friday.
With my fear of the 1.5km swim in Lake Karapiro allayed, I was only mildly nervous when I arrived at Karapiro at 6.50 a.m. Thanks to friend, Shirley, who travelled with me, I managed to get my Tri box (with all the gear I needed, along with some just-incase items) down to transition along with my bike.
The swim went surprisingly fast; I wasn’t swimming fast, but the time went quickly. I managed the swim without stopping. It was probably more than 1.5km with my bits of zig zagging. Coming out of the water, I did notice that I wasn’t last, but I certainly towards the end. Transition posed a small problem when my cold hands could not pull the wetsuit off my left leg. Fortunately, a kind lady helped me with that. Getting my cold fingers into my cycling gloves was another challenge which must have added a couple of minutes to my time in transition.

The ride was great. There was a strong headwind and crosswind at times, but I did manage to catch and pass quite a few cyclists.
Although I had the usual ‘dead legs’ going into the run, they sorted themselves within about ten minutes. The plan was to run 40 minutes and walk the rest. It was a two lap course, mostly on concrete path- Not the best thing for my feet. Shirley and Moana’s encouragement helped me along ,as I passed them going in the opposite direction on both laps. In the end I walked the hills/ rises and ran most of the flat and downhill. Time is irrelevant at this stage. It is just a case of going through the process.

All in all I’m happy with my first triathlon. I won’t feel as if I’m a ‘real’ triathlete until my feet allow me to run the whole way.

Pre Tri Maori pic with Moana and Shirley.

Enjoying the complementary ice block.


Today was a swim session in Lake Tiktapu. My confidence has increased markedly since last week and I’m actually looking forward to my swim in the lake tomorrow after school.

The upcoming week is a lighter training week as I prepare for next weekend’s Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.


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