Half way there

Being the holidays, my plan was to get as much incidental ‘stuff’ sorted for the upcoming months. One back at school and with the increase in training volume, time will be very precious.

Hence, I completed a few necessary task, which included:

  • trying on my new wetsuit, just to be sure that the fit was correct – it was.
  • Finding out what clothing I should be wearing for for Ironman and my upcoming triathlons. –  Thanks to Shirley for bringing her Tri-box around with an detailed list of what she takes to events. I’ve now got my box and begun filling it. This included purchasing a second pair of goggles.
  • purchasing the bike attachment for my Garmin watch.

I completed my second 30 km time trial around the lake on Wednesday. Again, I struck a head wind or crosswind most of the way, but was satisfied with being able to improve my average pace by 2 km/hr. The only downer is that I will need to push even harder next week.

I’m now well into my gym sessions, and am feeling the increase in upper body strength. However, I did need to have an extra massage on Friday as my right shoulder was troublesome when swimming. Either I had lifted a weight or used a machine incorrectly. or it’s just a case of my body getting used to the gym work.  While on holiday I’ve been able to devote a little time to foam rolling, which has really helped. I just need to make foam rolling a regular routine after running or cycling.

My greatest  achievement over the past week has been that I have been able to run/walk pain free on three occasions. Today I made it to 25 minutes of running and several hours later my feet feel absolutely fine. It’s been four months, and I feel as though I have lost a lot of ‘running fitness’. However, I can now ‘run’ off the bike, which very exciting.

I didn’t think a Saturday bunch ride could be any worse than the one I experienced a couple of weeks ago. I was wrong. Saturday’s ride was scheduled for 110 km. We stopped at 82 km after experiencing strong winds, and icy rain, to the point that I could barely feel the gears and brakes on my bike. By the time I got to our back door, I had to call on Andy for help as I couldn’t take my gloves or shoes off, or undo my jacket. My frozen hand just couldn’t function. Once in the shower, the pain in my feet was so bad that I sat on the shower floor holding my feet for about five minutes, trying not to cry,  until the pain started to subside. That is about as close to hypothermia as I ever want to be.

So… it’s back to the bike shop to sort out covers for my shoes, or I’ll opt for the wind trainer rather than ride, if the same sort of weather is forecast in future. I’ve been putting of using the wind trainer, as I think that will come soon enough.

At this point I’m ‘halfway there’.  It’s five months since my first bunch ride and since I began regular swim sessions . It is now five months and two days until Ironman.  A Facebook post this week read, ‘It hurts now, but one day it will be your warmup’. The second half of this journey has begun.

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