Tentative Steps

Today was my second attempt at beginning running again. Last time was a little too much too soon. I’ve had no right heel pain for weeks and the left heel is at about one on a scale of one to ten. I only feel it when I’ve been on my feet all day, at school. This time I’ve begun with a 10 minute walk, 15 minutes run, 5 minutes walk. Today my feet felt ‘normal’ during and after. I’m thinking positively and ever hopeful that the planter fasciitis has gone for good and I can now incorporate regular running into my Ironman training.

It’s school holidays so I have a the headspace and time to get some essential jobs done. Yesterday I organised accommodation for Ironman in March. Lucky I did, as there’s very little accommodation left in Taupo. I will be a no-mates for three of the five days, but it will be exciting to meet new people and get in the right frame of mind for ‘big day’.  I also entered the Tauranga Half Ironman and have accommodation sorted for that.

‘My Fitness Pal’ is working a treat. I’m managed to eat enough most days, to keep up with the energy expended. I didn’t manage to balance it with my long ride yesterday, so will try to make it up today or tomorrow.  Nutrition is one of my priority areas at the moment, especially with summer coming on (salad season) and the training building up.

The long bunch ride yesterday had at least one lesson for me. It was a 102km ride which I’ve done before. I felt so much better than last week, when I’d overdone the gym workout on the previous day.  Round the lake was quick, but it was a slow ride up the 16km Oturoa Road. We were told to stay in hour smallest gear the whole way and I felt like was going to spin my legs off. After that climb and being ‘pushed’ to maximum effort going down Dansey Road my legs were stuffed. At about the 70km mark (Paradise Valley Road) I began to fade. After having an energy gel 15 minutes before going up 8 Mile Gate, my energy returned for a fairly strong finish to the ride.  I had enough food with me, but need to work out more precisely, when to take the gels. Getting that right, may have prevented me from fading. Either that, or I just need to build up more cycling strength and endurance.

We usually begin and end our rides (if the weather is good) at a Lime, a local cafe, rewarding ourselves with a coffee and something decadent to eat.  Yesterday this would have required me to cycle another km past my house and back after the coffee. I made last minute decision to cut the ride short and stop at the nearest cafe to recover alone.

My Reward

My Reward

One of plans for the holidays, before life becomes a crazy blur, is to get my tri clothing sorted. I do look more like a cyclist than I did on my first bunch ride on my nana bike.  I also need to get in the pool with my wetsuit. It hasn’t been out of its bag since I tried it on in the shop two months ago. It is going to be a very steep learning curve from now on, and one I’m looking forward to climbing.

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