Good decision. Bad decision.

This week I got my first head cold in over a year. I swam Monday morning thinking it was hay fever, but soon realised it wasn’t. I made a good decision to miss the rest of my swims for the week and Tuesday spin. That was just enough rest so that I was able to cope with a fairly heavy spin session on Thursday evening.
The bad decision came on Friday when I did my newly prescribed gym programme. Not thinking, I did some kettle bell squats, along with lunges. I knew when I got up off the sofa on Friday evening, I’d made a mistake. My quads were very sore.
Yesterday’s bunch ride was miserable. It rained for most of the four hours. At one stage it was so heavy that we pulled into a school bus shelter, but couldn’t stop for long as we we very cold and needed to keep our muscles warm. In the whole 94km, there might have been a few minutes without a head wind or gusty crosswind. I found that I could not stand for any of the hills due to my screaming quads.

I had a chat with Jamie ( bunch leader) about it in the way back). Putting it bluntly he said, ‘ You need to get your training sorted.’ Yes, that Friday session was a silly thing to do and I should have known better. We talked about nutrition and Jamie suggested that I weigh myself before and after the long ride to check that I am drinking enough, especially now that the weather is warming.

Jamie also told me about yet another fitness app; My Fitness Pal. Of course I downloaded it that afternoon and had a play. Basically how it works is that you put in your details ( height, weight, gender and lifestyle ) and it brings up your recommended calorie intake for a day. It also hooks into my ‘Garmin Connect’ so that it adds on calories used for exercise that day. You can manually add that information. Once you have your total recommended calories, you input your meals. From there it is simple to see how you are tracking. You also input whether you want to lose, gain or maintain weight. This is useful for me. I found that I’ve lost 2 kg over the past couple of months and need to make sure that I maintain my current weight as the training steps up.

With my long ride done, I’m writing this in the car on the way to Auckland for a family birthday celebration. Two rest days (a rare treat) will allow my body to recover from this up and down week.

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