Recovery Week Done

Today’s ride was only 40km, which seemed tiny compared to the last two weeks’ rides. I heard the rain at 6 a.m. and decided I would put off the ride until later in the day. By 10.30 a.m. the rain had stopped and I ventured out. I had planned a route on Strava (the app that I’ve just discovered, which uploads ride or run data from your phone or watch), but managed to get myself slightly off track. I ended up doing an out and back, rather than a loop, getting back in just on the two hours  (46 km) as I had planned. The first half of the ride was shower-free, but the return was a mixture of showers and heavy rain. I’m used to running in the rain, and riding in the rain is no more uncomfortable.

Today I had my first massage in over a month.  Nothing was particularly tight … although Ellen’s elbow in my right hip flexor did cause a cringe and gasp. I am planning to schedule a massage each Recovery Week from now on.

I met with my coach on Thursday evening and we talked over a wide range of Iron Man related topics: heart rate zones, riding technique (riding using drops), event nutrition, training nutrition, planned events and  wetsuits.  I took away a lot of knowledge from the session and Hugh took away my copy of Don Fink’s  Be Iron Fit .  This has been a IM Bible for some of my running buddies who completed NZ Ironman last year.

Changing a bike tyre is a skill that I need to learn.  Apparently,  I should be able to change a tyre ‘without’ using levers.  I’ve been fortunate not to get a puncture so far. I always carry my phone with me on a ride,  in case I need to make an emergency call home.  I’m not mechanically minded. I’ve  saved a You Tube Clip on how to change a tyre to Pinterest. I think I will need to view and practise many times before I’ll feel competent to change a tyre out on the roadside.

I’m pulling back on my running again. My last 45 minute run proved that my feet are not yet ready for running. I have to admit that a couple of times, when I’ve woken in the night, I’ve pondered on the thought that, by March 7th next year I will be fully prepared for the Ironman swim and cycle, but  not be able to run.  My coach has absolutely no concern that I’m not yet running, due to my marathon running experience. I find that funny, as I still think of myself as a novice marathon runner.

To substitute for the running, I’m going to be doing two gym workouts each week, to build up my upper body and core strength for cycling and swimming. There goes my Friday afternoon coffee at Capers, with my teacher and ICT buddy Annemarie.   Instead of winding down at the end of the week I’ll wind up with a 1.5 hours swim before work and a 1.5 hour gym session after work.

I’m managing to balance the  training and school workload at the moment. Last week, on days when I didn’t have morning training, I made the most of the mornings by getting to work before 7 a.m. Next week will be a real test with the number of workouts moving up to ten.  I only need to make it through about six more weeks of school with senior students.  Although the training hours will increase, the after hours school workload should decrease a little.

One thing I’ve neglected to mention is that I’m no longer the weekday cook in our house. My husband, Andy, has taken over that duty, thankfully. It means that I when I get home from work I can either go out and train, or set my laptop up immediately and begin preparing classes or marking for the next day. Without family support there is no way that Ironman training is manageable.

2 thoughts on “Recovery Week Done

  1. Ironman is definitely a team sport! Casey and I lived at his mum’s for two of my races, which meant dinner and laundry was taken care of – made a very big difference.

    Andy is definitely an important cog in the Ironman wheel.


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