Stuffed up, but still training.

It’s been a difficult week, but things are looking up.

Firstly it was report writing time at school with tight deadlines. I had to skip the Monday night Yoga and Wednesday morning Swim Squad to work on reports and get to work early. On top of that the pollen levels in Rotorua were probably at their highest for the season. The hay fever kicked on on Wednesday night. I had already taken a R & R day on Thursday. Due to the hay fever, my day off wasn’t quite as productive as I’d planned. I still managed the 5.30 a.m. swim and my spin at night. I also squeezed in a much needed nana nap.

I was scheduled to do a 100km ride on Saturday, with a planned time of 4 hours 30 minutes. The weather wasn’t looking good, but as I said to my husband, ‘showers’ often means just a few drops of rain. My ‘cup half full’ attitude paid off. When the day came there were only a few drops. I’ve got used to headwinds so that wasn’t a problem. I wasn’t looking forward to the ride after finding out that most of the RATs bunch riders were going to be away for the weekend. I expected that I might be riding solo. Fortunately I was wrong. Six of us began the ride. We dropped off one rider early, and the rest of us stayed together to around 78km, when I was the only one left to complete the last 22km. That last leg (up 8 Mile Gate and down the cylceway) wasn’t quite the challenge I expected, so arrived home feeling much fresher than after last Saturday’s ride. The 102 kms took 4 hours and 23 minutes. I am happy with that.

I’ve been experimenting with nutrition while I ride. Last week it was Generation UCAN. This week it was my usual electrolyte drink (2 botttles) two Gu gels and a few almonds, dates and dried apricots. Everything was gone by the time I arrived home. That may have contributed to my better energy levels on completion.

The upcoming week will be my first ‘Recovery Week’. I’m looking forward to having a rest day on Wednesday and no days with double training. Saturday will be a real treat with a 40 kim ride. I suspect I will feel like I’m cheating.   There will only be two 5.30 a.m. swims, which means I can get into work by 6.30 a.m on a couple of other days and get ahead with some of my marking and preparation.

I’ve been reading a few blogs; one by a woman who is training for her first Ironman and somebody who did it last year. I’m finding them inspiring, comforting as well as informative.  I’ve also found another event which I will probably be doing part of my preparation. One week after my first triathlon – Tri Maori on 22nd November, is the Taupo Cycle Challenge, a 160km ride around Lake Taupo.

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