Upping the workload

It’s been a crazy three weeks and I’ve realised that I need to write much shorter posts if I want to write regularly on this blog.
So, here are the last three weeks in brief.
I have realised that all physiotherapists are not the same; they have different philosophies and ways of treating injuries. I went for a second opinion on my planter fasciitis and with heel taping and some different exercises ( working my forefoot more), I can run pain free for 30 minutes. I’m running three times per week and will up the time by 10 minutes each week. Queenstown Marathon here I come!
Since my last post my coach has begun putting my programme into Training Peaks (a free training app). Every time I miss a planned session the workout turns ‘red’ and I feel a little guilty. Needless to say, having a coach helps with motivation.
I’ve upped my swimming hours so that I now do three 90 minute swims per week with a coach and my cycling hours and distances have increased. Just as with distance running, where it is ‘ time on your feet’ that brings improvement, time in the pool and on the bike bring progress. Last Saturday I did my longest and hardest ride yet, at 93km. Tomorrow’s plan is to do one hundred.
I’ve purchased my first wetsuit in anticipation of venturing into Lake Tikitapu (the Blue Lake) when the weather warms. Open water swimming will be yet another new challenge.
Today I’m trying out a new product to help me through my ride. My friend Alison at ‘Run For Your Life’ has given me some Generation UCAN to try. If it works well I won’t need to eat on my 100 km ride.
September to early November is always the busiest time of the school year and I already knew that this would be the challenging time for managing work and training commitments. It’s a matter of being super organised and getting sufficient sleep. So far so good.

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