A learning curve in time management

This week has been more challenging than usual.

On Saturday I went for the RATs Bunch Ride at 8 a.m. It was cold and wet, resulting in only four of us turning up for the ride; I was the only women and far less experienced than the others. We headed out to Bryce Road and tackled the Ngakuru hills. I could keep up on the flat and downhill, but slipped behind on the uphill. I’m told that a couple more month of spin and Bunch rides will strengthen me enough to keep up. A weak upper body isn’t helping, so I might seek our done advice re., strengthening for cycling.

Last Sunday was the Taupo Half Marathon, which I withdrew from due to my foot issues. I drove down with my husband Andy , as he was walking the event. Also, youngest daughter, Katie was running her first half. It was wet and cold and my footwear was sodden. By the end of the day I had aching feet and after arriving home at 3 p.m. went for my ‘rest day’ swim, then prepped for the week ahead at school.

One of the challenges with IM was always going to be fitting in the training. This week I had after school commitments until 6p.m on Monday and Tuesday. I only fitted a yoga session Monday night and could only make spin on Tuesday. I was tired from the two long days, so made sure was in bed by 8.30 p.m for the rest of the week. I managed to get three swims and two gym sessions in, along with Thursday night spin and Saturday’s Bunch Ride.

The Saturday ride was my hardest and possibly most rewarding. It was around 80 km and most of it was hills. The ride include cycling anti clockwise around the side Paradise Valley side of Mount Ngonotaha, a 16km hill (Oturoa Road) and a clockwise ride around the same side of the mountain. The coffee after the 3 1/2 hour ride was much needed.

I picked up the book,  ‘Iron Fit’ this evening and read through some of the highlighting I had done when I first started delving into IM training. Among them were some timely reminders about making IM training easier.

These include:

  • Living a low stress life at work and at home. This includes trying to be more flexible with others and not so quick to correct others’ mistakes.
  • Being efficient by multi-tasking, by trying to combine training sessions ( have any gym sessions follow other training so that gym warm up time isn’t needed)
  • Preparing meals for the week ahead. This is a biggie for me. With last Sunday away I didn’t get time to make a lasagne or prepare a crockpot meal. Hence there were no leftovers for my lunches and I had the added stress of thinking about dinner, when I already had an extra busy week ahead, along with buying lunch on three days. This wasted both  time and money.

Tomorrow morning, Sunday, will be the start of a new week and I will try to manage my time better. I can begin by preparing the meat sauce for lasagne while getting breakfast. I now need to be consistently efficient to minimise stress during the week.

Finally, I went for a second opinion on management of my planter fasciitis. This new physio has a different take on my foot issues and has recommended a different treatment plan. I may be back running sooner than I expected. More on this in next week’s post.

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