Where to next?

After a good PB in the Auckland Marathon, I then set my sights on the 50th Rotorua Marathon. I trained with the Lake City Marathon again and was back-up pack leader of ‘Flash Mob’. This year I met more fantastic newbee Marathon runners, one of them being Phillip, who gave me the inspiration to begin this blog. You will see the link to his blog on ‘My Blogroll’. 

I mostly trained with the club leading up to the marathon. I had an issue with what I call ‘threatening planter fasciitis’ during my training period. It began immediately after the Auckland Marathon, I suspect due to worn put running shoes. I now know that worn tread is not a sign of worn out shoes, but rather it is the ‘sponginess’ of the arch and heel that shoes your shoes need binning. Find out more about planter fasciitis in a future blog. 

For the Rotorua  Marathon, I relied on MARCO again and he did not let me down. I planned for a 4 hour 50 marathon and came I’m at 4 hours 51. I followed the negative split plan and not surprisingly, it worked.


Celebrating finishing the 50th Rotorua Marathon with running buddy, Alison.

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