Planter what?

I have rarely had an injury since I began running. There were a couple of cracked ribs sustained two years ago, as a result of two ‘trips’. First I was clipped by a passing runner’s foot in the Rotorua Off Road Half and about three weeks later, just before my third Rotorua Marathon, I tripped on a rock at dusk, on Sulphur Point. I still made it around the marathon course, but in a time only a little faster than my walking time. There was also the ITB problem, sustained through increasing my distance too quickly, but that was soon fixed with stretching and the faithful foam roller. Planter Fasciitis is not so easily deterred. 

I first noticed it just after the Auckland Marathon, in November. I suspect it was a result of training in worn out shoes. It was just niggling sore heels on waking. I continued to train through until March before going to a physiotherapist. My feet didn’t give me pain while running, but I needed to do what I could to help my heels with the long runs coming up. I began the prescribed exercises to improve toe strength and strengthen my planter fascia. I decided to throw away my orthotics, which were prescribed for a pressure point, rather than pronation. I enjoyed running free of orthotics and did  a 24 minute PB on my 2013 Rotorua Marathon, breaking my 5 hour goal by 9 minutes. 

Post Marathon, the morning foot pain continued and I began feel it the afternoon after a morning run. The only option was to take a break from running, which is where I am at now; chomping at the bit. 

I’ve gone back to physio, increased the strengthening exercises, am trying acupuncture and looking at regular foot massage with an  awesome masseuse. I know that this will take time, but perhaps my body needs a break from running. Fortunately I’m able to keep my fitness up as I have a new trainig regime for 2014 and a new goal in mind. 

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