A ‘red letter’ week.

It has been quite a week. It began on Sunday when I took part in my first ever cycling event, the Okoroire Fun Ride. I chose the 70km event, which was actually 68km over undulating hills and flat in the Tirau area. Although foggy for the first part of the ride, I loved it and was happy with my time of 2 hours 33mins for the 68km.

On Monday evening I met with a prospective coach. I hadn’t planned on getting a coach, but I have realised that despite the great support of friends who have done Ironman, I do need someone to be accountable too for my training and  someone who has the experience to guide me through it. My friends had all done triathlon before undertaking Ironman, but I am a total newbie. I need all the help I can get. Hugh had been mentioned to me four times over the past few months by different people, so I finally took the the plunge and contacted him. On meeting Hugh it was I obvious that we would get along and asking him to coach me was a no-brainier. Hugh’s focus with coaching is on strength and speed, so I guess I have some tough workouts ahead.

After my first riding event and taking on a coach, what else could I do but take the biggest plunge of all and enter Ironman NZ 2015. From what I’m told that means few rest days between now and March 7th 2015.

The accountability is already working. Now that I am using the Training Peaks App on my phone, and it is linked into Hugh’s, he sees what I am doing. As a result I have managed seven training sessions since I saw him on Monday evening. That includes four 5.30 or 6 a.m. swims, two spin classes and one gym session. I’ve realised that having planter fasciitis and not being able to run, is possibly a blessing in disguise. I need to get as much swimming and cycling mileage in a possible . The time when I might normally be running can be used to benefit the other disciplines.

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