Progressing to running

After my tentative steps on the treadmill, I ventured to the road. Three months after beginning running I RAN my first half marathon; The Auckland Half Marathon. I admit that I did walk a little over the last few kms, but did post a reasonable lime of around 2 hours 35.

 Now, to summarise the next four years bringing me to the point of writing this blog:

The next summer I joined the Lake City Athletics Club Running Clinic. This awesome club provides encouragement, support and facilities for everyone from the beginning runner to the elite runner. For four years I’ve trained with some amazing people from all walks life and made some strong friends. I’ve run the Rotorua Marathon four times and the Auckland Marathon once. Last year Andy and I travelled to Rarotonga with a group from he club and holidayed for a week. While there we participated in the Around Rarotonga Road Race; a 32km run around the island. The week was also filled with shorter runs, including a fun run where we dressed up as the Lake City Smurfs. This is something I would NEVER have imagined myself doing.



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